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January 17, 2017

How To Stay Bundled-Chic In the Winter

When it's 0 Celsius in the morning, all I want to do is stay indoors and crank up the heat. Today, I decided to brace the cold and give you some styling tips to stay bundled, all while looking chic!


Its all about proportions and the right amount of layers. Not enough layers and you may freeze your butt off. Too many layers and you may end up looking like an eskimo, which may look fun and cool when you're in the mountains, but for everyday, not so much.

Although the coat I'm wearing is wool blend, it's still fairly thin. In this case, it's important to have enough layers underneath that will keep you warm, without looking too bulky (typically, I don't layer more than 3 pieces) I usually start with a thin thermal top, add a knit, and finish off with a coat. For added warmth, you could layer with a leather jacket to give it added dimension and edge. 


Nothing says chic like an oversized scarf - it's definitely my favorite Winter accessory, since it's practical, affordable, versatile, and super stylish. Also, since Zara is having their Winter sale, most of the items are already sold out; such as the scarf I'm wearing (on sale for $35!!). If you love it as much as I do, I would recommend checking in-store. If not, I found a very similar one here.


If there's one pair of shoes to get this winter, it would be a pair of over the knee boots. The ones I'm currently wearing are dressier OTK boot version with a pointy toe, but I'd say you can still get away with wearing them as an everyday boot - depending on your daily routine, of course. The heel isn't too high and surprisingly they're comfortable to wear throughout the day. You can also see me styling them here.

As mentioned on my blog before, I searched for the perfect pair of OTK boots forever! At one point, I even considered splurging on a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots since it was hard to find boots that fit my calves and stayed up. Although the style I'm wearing is much different than the Stuart Weitzman boots, I'm super happy with them. And for less than $100, you can't go wrong! 

You'd be surprised how much heat these actually pack! Want to elevate your outfit? A pair of leather leggings are hands down the way to go. I recently got these on sale for $85 at Aritzia, since my previous pair were due for a replacement. The ones I had before were fairly inexpensive, so this time I wanted to spend a bit more and get a pair that will hopefully last longer, since I wear them so often. 

Oh, and to finish off your look don't forget to add a chic pair of leather gloves! ! It was freezing shooting this look, so I'm glad I brought mittens to throw on underneath;).

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Stay Blissful :-)   


Boots: Le Chateau (buy here) | Jacket: Gap; sold out online - check in store (similar) | Leather Leggings: Aritiza; sold out online - check in store (similar) | Scarf: Zara; sold out online - check in store (similar, similar) | Sunglasses: Quay (buy here) | Gloves: Calvin Klein | Zara: Purse; old


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